Dave Gardner

David Gardner

Drawing, Sketching & Watercolor

We are pleased to introduce Dave Gardner as a teacher of adult drawing and watercolor classes for our Summer 2020 session. Dave trained as an architect in Minnesota taking art classes along the way. After college, he worked as an architect and commercial illustrator in Minneapolis before moving back to hometown Rochester, NY. He has put his mark on many buildings in Western New York as he has operated his own architectural firm for over 25 years. He uses his training as an architect to cross-fertilize his art. He tells us, “Architects are trained to design – to create something from an idea. To communicate building ideas you need to master perspective drawing, composition, form, lighting, texture, and color. These skills transfer directly to art.”

Dave has been designing, drawing, painting, and making art for more than 50 years. Whatever the medium, he strives to create something with meaning, emotion, and resonance. Painting and drawing have been a passion and stress reliever for most of Dave’s life. He has taken classes at the MAG Creative Workshop for more than 15 years (learning from Dick Kane, Jeanne Lindsay, and g.a. sheller) along with numerous painting workshops around the country.

Having been a motivated Creative Workshop student, he knows how important positive reinforcement and encouragement are. “Beginning, intermediate, or advanced we are all on journey as we make art. I want to provide the support to help students move forward along their path, whatever point they may be at.”

Dave belongs to numerous art and watercolor associations. His work has received both local and national awards. Dave’s subject matter runs the gambit from landscapes and streetscapes to portraits and everything between. He loves telling visual stories. Combining a love of travel and painting Dave does a good portion of his work Plein Air – “painting outside with my constantly moving “model” in front of me.”