Creative Workshop College Internship Form

Creative Workshop/Lucy Burne Gallery Internship Application

2022 and 2023 Academic Years

This opportunity is only available for a current college student with a professor willing to sponsor them. At completion or midpoint of internship, professor should be available to discuss how this internship fits with student’s learning plan. All internships must be done for college credit or stipend.

There are a limited number of internship slots available. Selected applicants may be interviewed and considered for placement based on the needs of the Gallery/Creative Workshop as well as the candidate’s interests and experience. In addition to assigned internship duties, attempts will be made to introduce students to various aspects of museum work. Please note that availability of internship positions is determined by the needs of the Gallery/Creative Workshop.

Following University of Rochester COVID-19 guidelines, all CW interns must be vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, we cannot use your help at this time. You are welcome to apply in the future.

Internship Fact Sheet

The Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery is looking for up to two interns, ideally currently enrolled in an art, art education, art history, museum studies or art-related local college program. Interns work between 5- 15 hours a week (flexible hours, often Saturdays during the school year, sometimes evenings) to help promote, organize, design, install and de-install student art exhibits in the Lucy Burne Gallery.

These internship experiences offer motivated interns the opportunity to make curatorial decisions and learn proper hanging methods while working within a busy, collaborative and highly creative museum environment. Shows scheduled for the 2022/2023 academic year include: several adult student shows and several children’s shows. The Creative Workshop is a vital part of the Marketing and Engagement division of the MAG and projects may include special events and media promotions.

Interns also work directly with classes gaining valuable experience in art educational settings. They may document classes, assist with instruction and help connect students with exhibitions.
While designed as non-credit internships, students in the past have earned credit for similar experiences. Rachael Baldanza supervises the interns, keeping a keen eye on balancing the educational goals and needs of the student with our busy program, and working to introduce them to new ideas, people and projects when appropriate.

Questions can be addressed to or 585.276.8956.

Required Attachments:

  • Full résumé of education and employment
  • Two academic recommendations (these can be emailed to
  • An essay (maximum 500 words) describing your career goals and how you plan to meet those goals; the skills and abilities you will bring to your internship at the Memorial Art Gallery. Please address why a gallery space in a working art school division of the gallery interests you and why you are qualified.

Application Deadlines for 2022 and 2023

  • Fall 2022: accepted until September 6, 2022, or until position filled
    • We hope to have a Fall intern identified by September 13, 2022
    • This internship is somewhat flexible, but should begin late September/early October and last until December 2022
  • Winter 2022: accepted until December 7, 2022, or until position filled
    • We hope to have a Winter intern identified by December 13, 2022
    • This internship is somewhat flexible, but should begin by early January and last until March 2023
  • Spring 2023: accepted until January 3, 2023, or until position filled
    • We hope to have a Spring intern identified by February 3, 2023
    • This internship should begin early April and last until May 2023

Please Note: Receipt of this application does not mean you will be accepted into the internship program. Please wait for our response via email or phone.