Kids Camps for Summer 2022

Build your child’s art education & boost their creative confidence!

Registration for summer camps has started! Students registered online should fill out the permissions form.

Every summer we run all-day art camps for kids aged 6 to 13. These programs have fun themes that introduce art techniques and creative problem-solving. We call them Art Day Camps and this summer we will offer 8 weeks of the program. We will also have 3 weeks of clay camp held in a one-week format. We will also collaborate again with Writers’ & Books to offer 2 one-week camps combining art and writing.

During school breaks each year, we offer Art Day Camp by the day or by the week. These short art camps are a fantastic way to strengthen your child’s art education and confidence in their own creativity.

What do we teach in our camps and weekly classes?

You can read this recent article in 585 Kids magazine for a sense of how and why our teachers encourage building drawing and painting skills while also keeping creative. Kids who love Art via @585Kids!