Casey Cardillo

Creative Workshop Faculty

Children’s art, Art Social
Casey Cardilo
Casey earned her BS from Nazareth College in May 2014 for Studio Art and Art History. In spring 2014, she completed a Burne Gallery internship here at the Creative Workshop where she worked closely with children’s classes and prepared exhibitions of student work, as in the show Portraits, Patterns, and Projects.

As an artist, she focuses on figurative acrylic and oil painting and ceramics. Her artwork is inspired by organic living forms, emphasizing the importance of nature. Studying Italian Renaissance and Baroque art primarily, her artwork focuses on the ultimate culmination of organic lines: the human form. Her artwork has been displayed at Nazareth College in various student shows and has won academic awards through Scholastic.

As a teacher, Casey’s goal is to foster the creativity that she knows lies deep within every student and inspire them through artistic outlet. She has a warm, friendly and patient approach to the teaching of art to young children. As a lover of all art, she wishes to expand children’s artistic knowledge and skills but also enhance their absolute love of art, like her own.