Carmelo Ortiz

Creative Workshop Faculty

Carmelo Ortiz
Graffiti, Children’s art

meloNew to the Workshop! Carmelo Ortiz, aka Melo 147, is a  noted graffiti artist who has collaborated on large scale projects and solo endeavors throughout the community.

Ortiz holds associate degrees in graphic design and commercial illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has more than 20 years teaching experience, including with the Quad A community program at #16 school and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Rochester. He has painted murals for such organizations as the Boys and Girls Club and Monroe Community College. His freelance projects include work for INcontrol, the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, ABC Baden St., NEAD and the Freedom School.

During MAG’s 1998 exhibition Blurring the Boundaries, Ortiz held graffiti art workshops for Gallery visitors and created custom graffiti for a companion installation. More recently, he was the art coordinator for State of the City: Street-ish, at Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

As a teacher, Carmelo brings attention to materials and craftsmanship and  one-on-one mentoring, He also brings his desire to contribute positively to the community and help kids learn to do the same.