Alynor (Aly) Webster

Creative Workshop Faculty
Drawing and Painting for Children, Art Day School
Aly Webster

Aly Webster is a frequent teacher of children’s drawing, painting, and cartooning classes here at the Creative Workshop. She has long been a part of the workshop; having started as a child student in Art Day School and other programs. Aly recently earned her BFA in Medical Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and also works as a freelance illustrator and designer and illustrator. She has worked as a teaching assistant in our Art Day School camps for children aged 6 to 12 and in large scale collaborative programs serving children with creative instruction.

As a drawing and cartooning teacher, Aly is fun, creative, patient and knowledgeable. She frequently helps her students push through drawing challenges (such as how to make a drawing look real, or when to use an ink pen as opposed to a pencil.) Her students make beautiful, original artworks representing their own interests and ideas.

Starting Fall 2017, Aly is also a Teaching Artist working with the Memorial Art Gallery Rochester City School District Extended Learning Program (MAG RCSD ELC). Aly strives to help her students develop their own creative style, find inspiration and joy in everyday places, and face their challenges with confidence, inside and outside the classroom.

shown: Cartoon self-portrait of Aly and Ru.