Alice Chen

In honor of Dr. Alice Chen (1935- 2020)

As a community and as individuals we miss and mourn our friend and teacher Alice. Alice Chen has taught Asian Brush Painting at the Workshop since 2000. She taught Asian techniques based on traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, with an emphasis on developing creativity and as a foundation for all media in art. She was a champion for her students, often encouraging them to show their work locally.
Before becoming a full-time professional artist almost two decades ago, Dr. Chen went through the rigorous training system for all artists in traditional Chinese painting. She was taught by such prominent masters as Professor Su Fung-nan and Wu Cheng-yen. She went back to Taiwan in 2013 for additional exposure.

In her own work, she captured the essence of a subject with vital energy and flow. She went beyond realism in expressing her emotion and sensitivity, always absorbing new ideas as well as techniques from both East and West. The Yin-Yang sign was her guiding post.
Dr. Chen’s paintings have been exhibited at the national show and such institutions as Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and the University of Rochester, and in galleries including the Oxford Gallery and Ock Hee’s in Honeoye Falls. She has received awards for Best-in-Show as well as Most Popular.

As Rochester area artist and art writer David Dorsey has written, “Alice Chen’s paintings…have always impressed me with their quiet mastery of Asian brush techniques. The small painting on view now [at Oxford Gallery, August 2013] looks, at first glance, like a purely abstract exploration of line and value, but as you study it you begin to discern what could be a pagoda jutting out from the side of a steep mountain slope. The scene takes shape. It’s a haunting, beautiful painting that hovers between pure abstraction and the evocative depiction of Chinese scroll painting.”

In addition to being a popular speaker and demonstrator in art, Alice was an expert on mushrooms who presented programs on that subject to many groups.

Please share your memories of Alice with us here and please keep painting as she would urge you.

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