CW Supply Lists

Students in our classes use brushes, paints, clay, metals, fabric, and fibers.


Ceramic Classes:
Students will need to purchase clay for their own use. Clay in different varieties is available for purchase at the Creative Workshop at a cost of $15.00 for a 25lb bag.

Beginning Jewelry Classes and Quick Jewelry Series:
All needed tools will be available to students during the class. Some material kits may be provided, and any additional needed materials are available for purchase at the time of the class.

Supply lists

Please note that the supply list for every class is available at the first class meeting and for that reason, materials will be provided on the first day. We also remind you that all adult students are welcome to work with the materials they choose, within health and safety regulations (for example, we strongly discourage traditional turpentine).

Questions? Call us at 585.276.8959.