Poets Walk and Story Walk

Surrounding both sides of the Memorial Art Gallery’s Centennial Sculpture Park is the City of Rochester’s ART Walk Extension Project.

Poets Walk and Story Walk - Rochester, NY

Story Walk is an interactive artistic sidewalk installed as part of the Art Walk Extension Enhancements Project in the Neighborhood of the Arts. Certain stones in the walk are engraved with words (see above) that visitors can use to access Rochester stories, memoirs, family histories, character studies, and other true stories gathered from community members.. It runs alongside Goodman Street down to the Paley sculpture Soliloquy.

Story Walk is supported by a gift from the Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation.

Poet’s Walk runs along University Avenue between North Goodman Street and Prince Street and honors poets, past and present, as artists of the written word. View Poets Walk map & brochure.

Poets Walk is supported by a gift from Robert and Joanne Gianniny.

Interact with this installation

Poets Walk
Use your cell phone and dial into the main number for the OnCell tours: 585.627.4132.
Listen to the introduction and wait for the prompt to add the code of the first four letters that you see embedded in the sidewalks. Punch in that code and you will be able to listen to the poetry and/or story. As an example – “Trees” would be “8733” – the numbers corresponding to the first four letters of the word.

You can also access the tours using MAG Explore.
Choose the “Tour the Grounds” option and then select either Poets Walk or Story Walk from the options listed. Use the search for the word or phrase as it is embedded in the walk to listen to that selection.

About the Walks

  • Artwalk 2 Enhancements included specialty sidewalk treatments along the north side of University Avenue (from Prince Street to N. Goodman Street) and along N. Goodman Street (from College Avenue to East Avenue); as well as specialty paving treatments at MAG, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester Museum & Science Center, the Towers and Anderson Avenue Plaza.