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The Tom Otterness Sculpture contract has brought about some very heated discussions to the Rochester area and beyond. We have received an onslaught of phone calls and emails, and have realized that at times, the same questions or concerns pop up again and again. You may have questions of your own, but did not feel the need to reach out and pick up a phone or post to facebook. Here then, are our most Frequently Asked Questions, in no certain order:

What were the 3 main criteria used to select this project?
The artist’s demonstrated the ability to create a vibrant, engaging, accessible sculpture installation in an Upstate New York outdoor setting.
Ability of the artist to create an original work of art that was site-specific to the area surrounding the MAG.
Durability of the materials that the artist was planning to use.

Is Tom Otterness’ work for MAG supported by public funding?
The sculpture is paid for with restricted private art acquisition funds.

What is the timeline?
The sculpture should be ready to be installed in late summer, 2012.

Will you go ahead with this contract?

Who else did you consider for the commission?
We looked at the work of over fifty artists, and narrowed the list down to a group of under ten.

How many people on the selection committee?
This was a group of people that met with artists and made recommendations – about 7 people.