Tribute Fund July 1–December 31, 2014

Tribute Fund

July 1–December 31, 2014

“Got friends with birthdays who already have everything? Give ’em a piece of the Gallery.…” So began the announcement of MAG’s new Tribute Fund in the September 1975 Gallery Notes. Forty years later, the idea is an unqualified success. In the last decade alone, gifts to the fund have totaled more than $180,000. And donors do indeed give “a piece of the Gallery.” Undesignated gifts are used for art acquisitions.

To honor or remember a special friend, send your contribution to: Memorial Art Gallery Tribute Fund, 
500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607-1484. Please include your name and address along with the name 
and address of the person being honored so that we may send 
an acknowledgment. You may also make your gift online. Questions? Call 585.276.8939.

In honor of Charles Arena: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Esther Beal: Barbara J. Hendricks, Nancy Jurs & Wendell Castle, Karen A. Myers.

In memory of Maxine Becker: Jill Zamparo.

In honor of Jonathan Binstock: John & Sheryl Burgstrom, Grant Holcomb, William M. & Lamar Riley Murphy, Drs. Gail & Patrick Riggs.

In honor of Dr. John H. Bruning: Grant Holcomb .

In honor of Carl Chiarenza: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Edline M. Chun: Dr. Wayne Harvey Knox, Victoria Visiko.

In memory of William P. Cowgill: Jacqueline Adams, Alfred G. Boylan, Tobie C. Calkins, Theodora Carr, Alan L. Cameros, Caroline Centner Conlon, Carolyn Ettinger, Heidi Friederich, Esther Germanow, Joanne K. Gianniny, Ursula Gonsenhauser, Dr. Donald R. & Marjorie Grinols, Frank S. Grosso, H&C Tool Supply Corporation, Grant Holcomb, Arthur M. & Maureen Holtzman, William N. Hosley, Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hursh, Marilyn W. Kayser, John & Barbara Lazor, Helen E. Lindley, Drs. James A. & Mary-Parke E. Manning, Robin & Tom Murray, Mrs. Melvin B. Neisner, Dr. Colin A. Poulter, Stanley Rodwin, Harris H. Rusitzky, Virginia N. Skuse, Mr. & Mrs. David M. Strasenburgh.

In honor of John W. & Mary G. Crowe: Mary Ann Monley & Bill Rice.

In honor of Erica Fee & Justin L. Vigdor: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Joan L. Foss: Rochester Art Club.

In memory of Laurence C. & Jane Glazer: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Colleen M. Griffin: Kate Bennett.

In honor of Georgia P. Gosnell: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Georgia P. Gosnell: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Anthony M. Gullace: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Grant Holcomb: Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Ciccone, Dr. Mary Sue Jack, Miriam Lebowitz, Theresa B. Mazzullo, Peggy Weisberg Savlov, Carol L. Yunker & Dr. Michael A. Yunker.

In memory of Richard W. Hyde, MD: Docents of the MAG, Mrs. Huston Hunting, Jean C. Ligozio, C. Frederick & Mabel K. Stehler.

In memory of Ernest J. Ierardi: Joanne K. Gianniny, Grant Holcomb, Mrs. Huston Hunting.

In memory of Marjorie Ingersoll: Timothy F. Datz, Susan A. Miller.

In honor of Drs. Mary Sue Jack & Richard E. Kreipe: Kate Jack, William W. Jack Jr., Rebecca Sitterly.

In honor of Aura E. Kamm: Terry Schwartz & Richard W. Mader.

In memory of Laurence M. Karz: Docents of the MAG.

In honor of Mary M. Koegel: James C. Moore.

In honor of Tom Kroon: Marianne M. Kroon, Marjorie B. Searl.

In memory of Louis L. Lanzi: Rochester Art Club

In memory of Max L. Lenderman: Esther Germanow.

In memory of Doris Leonard: Joanna M. & Michael R. Grosodonia.

In memory of Louise R. Levy: Dr. Alice Salzberg

In honor of Evelyn Lovejoy: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Mary Alice Magill: Lori A. & John Milazzo, Mary A. Stazie-Reinhardt.

In memory of Betty O’Brien: Dr. Charles Nelson Brown & Mary E. Brown, Claudia V. Costello, Helene A. Ehmann, David A. & Maureen B. Field, Gary T. & Paula B. Flanagan, Heidi Friederich, Sister Catherine Gibbons, Jeanette Holleran, Brendan & Kathleen O. Houghton, Michelle J. Houghton, Raymond W. Klem, Deborah A. Koop & Lenard D. Saner, Patricia Larson, Susan K. Meell, Jean E. & William S. O’Brien, Judith W. Shaw, Kathryn F. Shaw.

In memory of Betty O’Brien & H. Thomas Hodges: Mary Ann Monley & Bill Rice.

In honor of Miranda D. Offen: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Jeanne Scavone: David L. & Susan D. Cook.

In memory of Derrick Jerome Smith: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Judith Springer: Rochester Art Club.

In memory of Dr. Robert Lamb Sproull: Carl & Pamela Angeloff, Alan L. Cameros, Joseph T. Carney, Dr. Ronald W. Hansen, Grant Holcomb, Shirley Kearns, Catherine M. & Pat G. Stark, Robert F. Sykes, Hugh M. & Mary M. Van Horn.

In memory of Dr. Robert Lamb Sproull & Mary L. Sproull: Sara W. Hartman.