Tribute Fund January 1–June 30, 2015

Tribute Fund

January 1–June 30, 2015

“Got friends with birthdays who already have everything? Give ’em a piece of the Gallery.…” So began the announcement of MAG’s new Tribute Fund in the September 1975 Gallery Notes. Forty years later, the idea is an unqualified success. In the last decade alone, gifts to the fund have totaled more than $180,000. And donors do indeed give “a piece of the Gallery.” Undesignated gifts are used for art acquisitions.

To honor or remember a special friend, send your contribution to: Memorial Art Gallery Tribute Fund, 
500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607-1484. Please include your name and address along with the name 
and address of the person being honored so that we may send 
an acknowledgment. You may also make your gift online. Questions? Call 585.276.8939.

In honor of Graham W. J. Beal: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Jonathan Binstock: Moreton & Marisol Binn.

In memory of Alfred G. Boylan: Gay & Sandy Abbey, Mary C. & A. John Bartholomew, Bruce B. & Marcia Bates, Boylan Code LLP, Doris F. Braine, Gordon & Anne B. Brown, Judy & Erik von Bucher, Joseph T. & Mary E. Carney, Alan L. Cameros, Convoy Supply Ltd., June Allis D’Amanda, Gill R. & Tony H. Dechario, Kreag & Katherine E. Donovan, Nancy J. & Richard J. Dorschel, Sarah & C. Benn Forsyth, Lindsay R. & John L. Garrett, Marjorie & Dr. Donald Roy Grinols, Alfred M. & Joan F. Hallenbeck, Barbara H. Hargrave, Thomas J. Hargrave Jr., Mary S. Harris, Grant Holcomb, Frederick T. & Paula Howk, William H. & Carmen Hunter, Shirley Kearns, Jane Kitchen, Rose-Marie B. Klipstein, Sandra D. & James K. Koon, Christine S. & Robert N. Latella, Nancy H. Lee, Margaret M. Freeman & Thomas G. Lennox, Robert L. Lowenthal Jr., Marcia J. Lowry, Lisa S. McGovern, Richard W. McGrath, George E. Mercier, Deanne Molinari, Kathleen M. Muscato & Jack B. McGowan, Frances C. Rae, Cassandra C. Rich, Thomas S. & Betty S. Richards, Nathan J. & Susan Salitan Robfogel, Rockwell Roofing, Inc., Deborah Ronnen & Sherman F. Levey, Marcie Rosenberg, Peter J. & Judy Rosenthal, Joan K. & James David Ryan, Natalie L. & Herbert J. Schwartz, Suzanne J. Seeley, Albert Seymour, Carl Silvio, Suzy Spencer, Jane W. Steinhausen, Robert B. & Gayle A. Stiles, Robert F. Sykes, Phyllis Taylor, Ann K. Townson, Robert C. & Amy Leenhouts Tait, Daniel D. & Marty Tessoni, Samuel O. & Mary F. Tilton, Joyce Underberg, Patricia H. Wehle, Catharine J. Wise.

In honor of Sue Cook: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Sybil Brockman’s mother: Docents of the MAG.

In memory of William P. Cowgill: Cricket & Frank Edwin Luellen.

In honor of Garth Fagan: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Marjorie Ingersoll: Mrs. Clinton E. Braine.

In memory of Peter McDonnell: Mary Ellen McCrossen.

In memory of Seymour Merrall: Docents of the MAG, Mary Ann Monley & William D. Rice.

In honor of William M. Murphy: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Peggy Savlov: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Barry Scheiven: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Natalie Schwartz: Doris E. Eber.

In memory of Cissy Weiss: Heidi Friederich.


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