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Below is a selection of recent press releases about Memorial Art Gallery exhibitions and programs. Members of the media who would like additional information or publication-quality images should contact the public relations office. Please send requests to Meg Colombo (585-276-8934).

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7/18/18 City Newspaper: Little painted wonders of Josephine Tota resurrected by MAG
7/12/18 DandC: Larry Merrill photos capture stunning look at ancient sculptures
1/24/18 City Newspaper: People remember Wendell Castle, beloved sculptor who elevated furniture to fine art
11/2/17 DandC: MAG exhibit honors Wendell Castle, still inspired after nearly 60 years
10/24/17 | ART News Building Moving-Image Collection, Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester Commissions Work by Isaac Julien, Dara Birnbaum, Javier Téllez
10/2/2017 | DandC Memorial Art Gallery director Jonathan P. Binstock shares his insights
9/27/2017 | The Post Memorial Art Gallery to acquire ‘Martyrs’ exhibit

Money cannot measure benefits of the arts to society

Read the full editorial here, submitted by representatives of the University of Rochester’s art institutions. Jamal Rossi is Dean, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, Gloria Culver is Dean, School of Arts & Sciences, University of Rochester and Jonathan Binstock is Director of the Memorial Art Gallery.

A “Grand” commitment makes history at the Memorial Art Gallery

Jonathan Binstock, the Mary W. and Donald R. Clark Director of the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester, announced a $3.5 million commitment from a Rochester anonymous donor for the expansion, renovation, and perpetual support of the museum’s Grand Gallery. The gift is the largest the museum has received in its 104-year history.
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Jonathan Binstock named Memorial Art Gallery director

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