People: Gallery Council President Mary Sue Jack

Mary Sue Jack

President, The Gallery Council, 2010–2014

Gallery Council President Mary Sue Jack

When Mary Sue Jack, an assistant professor at UR’s School of Nursing, decided to retire in 2002, her friends knew just what she should do with her newly acquired free time—join the Gallery Council.

One friend, Jane Labrum, sponsored her for Council membership. Another, Pam Foye, recruited her for one of the organization’s biggest events, the Fine Craft Show. That major fundraiser, which she’s now chairing for the third year, provided a perfect segue into her new job as Council president.

In addition to organizational skills, Jack brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the presidency. “I’m really looking forward to the next two years,” she says, noting that this exciting time will be filled with preparations for the Gallery’s 100th anniversary. “I plan to follow the example of my predecessors in working collaboratively with MAG staff and enhancing communication with the Council membership.”

Jack received her nursing degree from the University of Michigan, worked for a time in Colorado, where she completed her master’s degree, returned to Ann Arbor to teach, and in 1979 came to the University of Rochester to earn her doctorate. It was here that she met her pediatrician husband, Richard Kreipe.

She admits that as president she may have to cut back on some of her other volunteer activities. But she’ll continue making time for what she calls her “greatest passion”—riding her horse, Spot, a retired thoroughbred, as often as possible. She also enjoys gardening and quilting, and she’s an accomplished knitter who has studied several years with Creative Workshop instructor Lynne Sherwood.

September 2010