People: Docent Chair Natalie Ciccone

Natalie Ciccone

Docent Chair, 2012–2014

docent chair natalie cicconeNatalie Ciccone has always loved art, but her interest grew into a real passion during trips to Italy and other far-flung places with her husband, Richard, a URMC professor of psychiatry. Indeed, she so enjoyed visiting museums that she began taking art history courses at the University of Rochester and MAG’s Creative Workshop.

In 1999, Workshop instructor Lucy Durkin mentioned that the Gallery was seeking applicants for a new docent class. Ciccone was accepted for the program and soon began the rigorous, year-long training.

It was, she says, “a wonderful, enriching experience. The docents are a fabulous group of men and women, and there is such a culture of civility among the staff.” But it’s the kids that inspire her most of all. “They’re excited, and it’s contagious.”

Volunteering is nothing new for Ciccone. A former elementary school teacher, she was active in the Brighton School District while her three children were young and in the 1990s joined the Landmark Society as a volunteer for the Built Environment program in the city schools.

As docent chair, she serves on the MAG Board of Managers, whose members include her daughter, Regina MacAdam, an attorney at Harris Beach. She also serves as liaison to the Gallery Council board, and with her husband is a member of the Director’s Circle.

Away from MAG, Ciccone loves to play tennis and has played with the same core group of women for more than 35 years, most of that time at the Tennis Club of Rochester. “We’ve had to change from singles to doubles,” she says, “but we still are giving it our all.”

And of course, she still finds time to travel. In recent years, the Ciccones have journeyed to Egypt, Greece, Japan, Peru and London. They now have sights set on Barcelona.