One MAG Fits All

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One MAG fits all

Thank you to:

Shawn Dunwoody, tablet draftsman: Allen Galante, Jonathan Binstock, Joanna Grosodonia, Erich Lehman, Annette Satloff, Delores Jackson Radney, Heidi Friederich, Marcel Coney, RCSD School #23, Rebecca Rafferty, Kurt Indovina, Amy Vena, Joe Carney and Margaret Burns.

CROWD: in alphabetical order

Carol Acquilano, Christopher Amann, Chelsea Anderson, Laura Brill, Sheri Burgstrom, Andrew Cappetta, Megan Charland, Ann Coffey, Jamie Dinoflo, Patrick Doyle, James Durfee, Raul Siro Ferreira, Jacquie Lee Forbes, Jessica Gasbarre, Mike Grosodonia, Marlene Hamann-Whitmore, Arturo Hoyte, Mary Sue Jack, Olivia Kim, Trudie Kirshner, Mary Koegel, Courtney Lippa, Marcia Lowry, Jessica Marten, Debora McDell-Hernandez, Margot Muto, Colleen Piccone, Peg Rachfal, Dan Schneiderman, Jennifer Sciarabba, Melissa Smith, Barbara Stewart, Lois Sumberg, Jefferson Svengsouk, Laura Swett, Rachael Unger, Patti Walker, Diana Williams, Benjamin Wolf.

Jason and Illy
Body painting artist: Jason Ferguson
Body painting model: Illy Ali
Did you spot the artist and his camouflaged model in the group shot? Send us a screen shot on social media and tag us with #OneMAGfitsall

Special thanks to:
Eaton Farms LLC, Rochester Public Market and Francis Parker School No. 23 #ParkerProud
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