January 2012: Extreme Materials Comes Down

January 2012: AMAG staffers taking down Danielle Julian Norton's soap sculpturend the Walls Came Tumblin’ (Gently) Down

What do you do with 12,000+ bars of soap? (And not just soap, but soap that has been glued together to form the “bricks” of a wall?) In the case of Extreme Materials 2, the answer was obvious—repurpose it.

In January 2012, after the show had closed, MAG staffers took down Clear, Danielle Julian Norton’s spectacular room-sized structure built of Neutrogena soap. A pallet-load of soap went to the School of the Arts, where students will melt the bars down for art projects. Another big batch went to Sample Soap, a non-profit organization that will clean off the glue and donate soap to social service agencies for distribution to the neediest.

Clear installation pictures from October 2011