In Memoriam: Nancy Cameros

In Memoriam: Nancy Cameros

Nancy Cameros

Nancy J. Cameros, arts patron and collector, died on September 24, 2010. With her husband, Alan (a member of the Gallery’s Board of Managers), she was a longtime supporter of Gallery and of the cultural and educational life of this city.

Below are some words from the curator of the Rockwell Museum in Corning, taken from the recent catalog of Nancy and Alan’s superb collection of Southwestern pottery.

For a curator, it is touching to hear collectors speak of their treasures as people; perhaps even more so to see an influential businessman cradle an old piece of clay as if it were a baby bird fallen from its nest. Collectors are always motivated by personal interest, and many by passion…. It is always exciting to come upon those who share such an enormous respect for art that the dollar value someone else has placed on a work becomes merely a factor of acquisition, not the reason for it.

Nancy and Alan Cameros are just such collectors. In a quarter century, these lifelong Rochester residents have amassed a collection of more than 200 pieces of Southwestern pottery—not just any pieces, but museum-quality examples of some of the finest Native American potters of the past 125 years. And while this catalog and the Rockwell Museum of Western Art exhibition, Crafted to Perfection: The Nancy and Alan Cameros Collection of Southwestern Pottery, pay homage to the intrinsic value of this collection, the Cameroses never collected with the intent of boasting in such a grandiose manner. Instead, they have always collected from a place of interest-turned-passion; along the way, they have developed a keen eye for it.

— Sheila K. Hoffman, Curator of Collections, Rockwell Museum of Western Art

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