Gifts of Art July 1-December 31, 2012

Gifts of Art

July 1–December 31, 2012

etching by John SloanDaum Bowl with Collar, glass and metal: Arthur Lowenthal.

Jewelry Store Window (1906) (pictured at right) and The Serenade (1912), etchings by John Sloan: Grant Holcomb.

Cove (1938), lithograph by Adolf Dehn: The Gallery Council.

Three Figures with Angel (ca. 1990), painting on paper by Alice Gold: anonymous.

L’Assemblée au Salon (1783), etching and engraving by François Dequevauviller: John Menguy.

Virginia on Parade, color etching by Jerome Myers: Grant Holcomb in memory of Dr. William I. Homer.

Emily Dickinson No. 63 (2007), etching with letterpress by Susan Huggins Leopard: Grant Holcomb in honor of Mary Mathews.

pastel drawing by Clifford UlpSwing Low, Free (2010), letterpress and relief print by Kristin Oegema: Alison Saar.

Untitled Landscape, pastel drawing by Clifford Ulp (pictured at left): Mrs. Alling Clements.

Glacial Moment (2012), color woodcut by Karen Kunc: Print Club of Rochester.