Gallery Council 2012-13 Board Members

Gallery Council 2012–13 Board Members

gallery council 2012-13 board

At the June annual meeting, the Gallery Council elected board members for the 2012-13 term.

From left: Pam Foye, nominating chair; Freddie Amstey, administrative treasurer; Mary Sue Jack, president; Nancy Curnutt, programs co-chair; Carol Spagnola, hospitality co-chair; Joanna Grosodonia, membership co-chair; Bonnie Voll, 2nd vice president/future planning chair; Natalie Ciccone, docent liaison; Wendy Shellman, hospitality co-chair; Marilyn Merrigan, programs co-chair; Peg McNamara, art tours co-chair; Pamela Miller Ness, recording secretary; Pat Rahn, membership co-chair.

Not pictured: Connie Klein, project treasurer; Barbara O’Hare, public relations; Carmen Signorino, corresponding secretary; Lois Sumberg, 1st vice president;  Margaret Thompson, historian;  Michelle Turner, art tours co-chair.