April 2010: Renaissance Gallery Rededication

April 2010: Renaissance Gallery Dedication

guests at Renaissance Gallery dedication in April 2011
More than 100 members of the Gallery Council and MAG Board of Managers attended the dedication of the renovated Renaissance Gallery on April 4, 2010. Read the story

Top row: Bernard Oseroff; Emille Allen; Pamela Miller Ness; Mary Sue Jack and Joanna Grosodonia. Middle row: Teddy Carr and Jacquie Adams; Jean France and Leaf Drake; Pam Foye; Carl Carballada, Joan Feinbloom and Bob Hursh. Bottom row: Nancy Foster Gerard; Council assistant Lynda Serafine; Deanne Molinari and Vivian Palladoro; Bev Pickering.

Photos by Brandon Vick.