Security Ambassadors

Hey, Hi, Hello. Meet MAG’s Security Ambassadors

After relying on outsourced Museum security for many years, the Memorial Art Gallery’s Security Ambassador Program was begun by asking ‘how can we make the guest experience more FUN’?

In June of 2018, we brought the new team of Security Ambassadors onto the MAG’s museum floor. The SAs are now MAG/University of Rochester employees who participate in continuous learning. The team regularly attends training sessions regarding a wide variety of topics on art, guest services, and museum safety. The SAs provide our visitors with a superior customer service experience while safeguarding the integrity of MAG’s exhibitions and irreplaceable art collection.

Ask them about MAG events or about any of our art. SAs are there to answer any questions that arise as you move through the museum. We hope that you are enjoying our more engaged, familiar faces welcoming you with a smile!