Multimedia: MAGexplore

Use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to dig deeper into the MAG collection—upstairs, downstairs and throughout Centennial Sculpture Park. MAGexplore allows museum visitors to search more than 200 artworks by time period or title and get in-depth information about them. Of these, more than 40 have audio commentary. Click here to visit MAGexplore.

Among MAGexplore’s features are “hot spots,” which were developed specially for MAG. When selected, these translucent red dots reveal additional facts about a highlighted artwork.
(see below)

Pa-debehu-Aset’s coffin

Other features include:

  • video links
  • a “Look and Do” section with conversation starters and activity suggestions for the whole family
  • sections on MAG’s history and architecture
  • “collection connections” linking objects in different areas of the museum

shown left: Shrine Coffin of Pa-debehu-Aset, 332 BCE-30 BCE (detail)

MAGexplore is hosted by Toursphere. The content was developed with funding from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services’ Museums for America program, the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, and Helen H. Berkeley.

Use MAGexplore in the K-12 Classroom
MAGexplore is an ideal tool for use in the classroom. It will offer students the opportunity to explore the artworks they will see on their visit to the museum or to read further for context information. The content is an especially good fit with the 6th and 9th grade Global Studies curriculum. View suggestions for classroom use