Day Pass Requests for Fundraisers

The Memorial Art Gallery contributes complimentary day passes to many charitable organizations in Rochester area.  Because we receive a high volume of requests each year, we have developed the following guidelines:

  • Generally, we will donate a pair of day passes to a charitable organization on an annual basis.  If your organization does two or more fundraisers each year, you should request tickets for only one of them.  If you request additional donations, please understand we may not be able to honor your request.
  • We generally process requests for passes once a month.  Events less than 30 days prior to your request may not be filled in time.
  • Due to the large volume of requests we receive, no phone calls please.
  • Please note that all requests must be made in writing:
    • By mail:
      Memorial Art Gallery
      Francesca Chatrer
      500 University Avenue
      Rochester, NY 14607
    • By email to: Francesca Chatrer
  • Requests need to be on your organization’s letterhead and contain the following:
    • The name of your organization
    • The event name
    • Event date
    • Name and address of the person to whom we should mail the donation to
    • Deadline by which you require our response for planning purposes