Slow Art Day 2013

SlowArt Day at the Memorial Art Gallery

April 27, 2013

At this annual event celebrated by museums around the world, learn to look at art slowly and experience it more fully. Participants will engage with selected artworks from the Memorial Art Gallery’s current exhibition, It Came from the Vault, and  join in discussions facilitated by area artists and MAG staff. Included in Gallery admission. More about Slow Art Day

Thumb Link Credit Line
millet-pr.jpg 916KB Jean François Millet, The End of the Workday (La fin de la journée) (1865-70). George Eastman Collection of the University of Rochester.
witkin-pr.jpg 463KB Jerome Witkin, St. Fichera (1977). Gift of Eric Greenleaf.
motherwell-pr.jpg 385KB Robert Motherwell, Night Music Opus #21 (1989). Marion Stratton Gould Fund.