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Renaissance Remix: Art & Imagination in 16th-century Europe

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Images of works in the Memorial Art Gallery collections and temporary exhibitions are for editorial review purposes only. For any other uses, please contact Shirley Wersinger 585-276-8935 or Meg Colombo 585-276-8934.

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bedoli.jpg 697KB Girolamo Bedoli, Portrait of a Boy of the Bracciforte Family of Piacenza (Italy, ca. 1560). Memorial Art Gallery, Marion Stratton Gould Fund.
armor-profile.jpg 795KB Partial Armor made for the Dukes of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (German, 1560s). Memorial Art Gallery, the Maurice and Maxine B. Forman Fund, the Clara and Edwin Strasenburgh Fund, the Marie Adelaide Devine Fund and the June Alexander Memorial Fund.
allegory-detail.jpg 927KB Allegory of Hearing (Italian, after 1581). Memorial Art Gallery, Gift of Lester Slocum Jr. and his sister, Mrs. Joyce S. DiStasio.
tapestry2-gill.jpg 1.67KB Detail of Tapestry: Musical Game Park (Flemish, 16th c.). Memorial Art Gallery.