Pannemaker Tapestry PR Images

Restored 16th-Century Flemish Tapestry Goes Back on View at MAG

April 18, 2012

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tapestry_fullview.jpg 2MB Trellised Garden with Animals, workshop of Wilhelm de Pannemaker (Flanders, ca. 1550), Memorial Art Gallery, gift of Mrs. Granger A. Hollister.
birds2.jpg 1.66MB Details of tapestry’s “Genesis border”
bird_eating_fish.jpg 1.3MB
snake.jpg 1.63MB
putto.jpg 1.26MB
castle.jpg 1.79MB
wreath-detail.jpg 1.64MB
deer.jpg 1.18MB Details of main tapestry panel
lions.jpg 1.16MB
center_detail.jpg 1.14MB