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In Company with Angels:
Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows

August 26–October 28, 2012

This exhibition was organized by In Company with Angels, Inc. In Rochester, it is sponsored by ESL Federal Credit Union, with additional support provided by Robert Lehman Foundation, Nancy G. Curme and Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro.

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Angels-all.jpg 874KB Tiffany Studios, Seven Angels (early 20th century). Photography by Douglas A. Lockhard courtesy In Company With Angels, Inc.

Below are details of the angels Laodicea and Ephesus.

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interior.jpg 469KB The windows were commissioned for the Church of the New Jerusalem, Cincinnati, OH, and installed there in 1902. Archival photo.
Tiffany_Wisteria-lamp.jpg 710KB This Wisteria Lamp designed by Clara Driscoll for Tiffany Studios is one of eight superb Tiffany lamps on view at MAG. Collection of Jeffrey Metzger and Robin Hamilton.
octopus.jpg 219KB With a shade than three feet across, this massive Tiffany Octopus Lamp is believed to have started life as a chandelier. It was later converted into a table lamp with the addition of a custom-ordered base. Memorial Art Gallery, gift of Mrs. Harper Sibley.