Extreme Materials 2 Family Day

Extreme Materials 2 Family Day

November 20, 2011, noon–5 pm at the Memorial Art Gallery/ free admission

Sponsored by Sage, Rutty and Company, the Robert and Madeleine S. Heilbrunn Memorial Fund, and Neutrogena Corporation.

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AllisonTavino-DunkinDonuts.jpg 289KB Celebrate the exhibition Extreme Materials 2 at a free family day Sunday, November 20 from noon to 5 at the Memorial Art Gallery. Make your own extreme art; enjoy music, storytelling and family tours; and see a fashion show of recycled wearables.

Pictured (from top) are two of the designs that will be featured at the fashion show—a Dunkin’ Donuts wedding dress by Allison Tavino, a teacher at Dake Junior High in West Irondequoit, and a cocktail dress made of brown crepe paper and leaves by Gwyneth Daunton, a student at West Irondequoit High School. Photos by Jim Conners.*

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*Written permissions are on file at MAG for use of  these images in family day publicity.

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