Black History Month Family Day 2012

Black History Month Family Day at MAG

Sunday, February 19, noon to 5 pm

featuring family art activities, music and dance performances,tours and storytelling

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Free admission made possible by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the Robert and Madeleine S. Heilbrunn Memorial Fund.

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eunice_white.jpg 182KB

photo by Ria Casartelli

This year’s family day features (from top) Gullah culture storytelling by Eunice White, Tribute to Black Female Poets and Activists by poet Reenah Golden-Collier, and drumming by Dreamseeds children’s performance troupe. other performers
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dreamseeds-2011.jpg 397KB

photo by Ria Casartelli

cultural_display-2011.jpg 293KB Again this year, there will be cultural displays representing many African nations.

photo by Ria Casartelli

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photo by Gary Graham

In 2010, Emonie Spencer enjoyed a storytelling program and Donovan Armstrong worked on an art project in the Creative Workshop.
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photo by Gary Graham

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