5th Rochester Biennial

5th Rochester Biennial

June 10–August 5, 2012

Underwritten by the Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation, with additional support from the Rubens Family Foundation and Jane W. Labrum.

Lecture series underwritten by the Sandra G. Dreyfuss Education Endowment Fund.

All images: Courtesy of the artist.

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Bertoia-passage.jpg 402KB Passage III (2011) by Roberto Bertoia of Ithaca (sculpture)

Artist lecture: Thursday, June 28, 11 am

Buchanan-ghostanimal.jpg 489KB Still from The Ghost, the Animal (2012) by Yvonne Buchanan of Syracuse (video)

Artist lecture: Sunday, June 10, 2 pm

Choi-BetweentheBarriers.jpg 756KB Between the Barriers (2009) by Eunsuh Choi of Rochester (glass)

Artist lecture: Wednesday, June 20, 11 am

Cushing-storagejar.jpg 296KB Storage Jar (Acorn Series) (2004) by Val Cushing of Alfred (ceramics)

Artist lecture: Thursday, June 14, 7 pm

Higgins-SlyStreetHouse.jpg 758KB Sly Street House (2010) by David Higgins of Corning (painting)

Artist lecture: Thursday, July 12, 11 am

Shindelman-DeservetoKnow.jpg 471KB Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream (2011) by Larson & Shindelman (Marni Shindelman of Rochester and Nate Lars0n of Baltimore) (photography)

Artist lecture: Thursday, July 26, 7 pm