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The Gallery Store at the Memorial Art Gallery is the place in Rochester to find local, hand-crafted gifts for family and friends featuring works by over 75 regional artists.

Gallery Store Hours

Wednesday-Sunday 11 am–5 pm, Thursdays until 9 pm.
Closed during the following major holidays:
July 4th | Thanksgiving | Christmas | New Year’s Day

“Purse with a Purpose”, carries a notable quote prominently placed on the backside of each bag, beside you, like an arm around your waist, reminding you of the strength and sisterhood stitched into our history. Limited editions and numbered: Ms. Anthony, Miss Bouvier, Miss Annie and the First Lady Series; each are intended to raise money for the causes these individuals pioneered.

Purses with a Purpose

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Proceeds from sales in the Gallery Store are used to support the mission of the Memorial Art Gallery.