Tribute Fund July 1-December 31, 2013

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Tribute Fund

July 1–December 31, 2013

“Got friends with birthdays who already have everything? Give ’em a piece of the Gallery.…” So began the announcement of MAG’s new Tribute Fund in the September 1975 Gallery Notes. Nearly 40 later, the idea is an unqualified success. In the last decade alone, gifts to the fund have totaled more than $180,000. And donors do indeed give “a piece of the Gallery.” Undesignated gifts are used for art acquisitions.

To honor or remember a special friend, send your contribution to: Memorial Art Gallery Tribute Fund, 
500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607-1484. Please include your name and address along with the name 
and address of the person being honored so that we may send 
an acknowledgment. You may also make your gift online. Questions? Call 585.276.8939.

In memory of Dr. James T. Adams: Ellen M. & Dr. Leon John Canapary, Gary B. Cohen, Mary Lucille & Dr. Richard H. Feins, Barbara A. Fisher, Dr. David A. &. Suzanne Hanson, J. Robert Maney, Dr. Thomas E. & Lynn Laury Penn, Pamela K. Rosen, Ruth Sheldon, Gerald A. &. Susan H. Stahl, Kathryn M. Swatt, Mary Alice Wolf.

In memory of Terry M. Alaimo: Joanne Y. Corsica.

In honor of all animals: Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY, Inc.

In honor of Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY, Inc.: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Dr. Philip P. Bonanni: Robert A. & Maureen S. Dobies, Charlotte Herrera, Jean C. Ligozio.

In memory of Poppy Bonczyk: Judy & Ken Scott.

In memory of Sheldon Brayer: Calvin J. & Nina M. Anderson, Ann S. & Gene Athy, Mildred C. & Alfred G. Boylan, Clinton E. Braine, Richard F. Brush, Alan L. Cameros, Kathryn L. D’Amanda, Linda Wells Davey, Docent Committee of the MAG, Dr. Charles J. & Cynthia Jean Gibson, Dr. Donald Roy & Marjorie Grinols, Georgia P. Gosnell, Frank S. Grosso, Mary DeLaney Hale, Mary Ann Hargrave, Grant Holcomb, Mrs. Huston Hunting, Jane H. Johnson, Dr. Leo R. & Charlotte K. Landhuis, Robert N. &, Christine S. Latella, Nelson & Audrey MacCallum, Drs. James A. & Mary-Parke E. Manning, Mary Ann Monley & William Rice, Jim & Marguerite Quinn, Elizabeth & Dr. Eric Rennert, Nathan J. Robfogel, Joan L. Sibley, Judith J. Stone, Georgiana T. & John W. Thoman, Catharine J. Wise.

In honor of Joshua & Beth Bruner: Lawrence J. Merrill.

In honor of Joseph T. Carney: Thomas G. Westbrook.

In memory of Edline M. Chun: Richard K. & Sharon S. Knorr, David B. &. Karen Richards, Rochester T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center.

In honor of Mark E. Cuddy: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Val Cushing: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Andrea Durfee & Nathan Lippa: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Dr. Caroline M. Ellis: William J. Lippman.

In honor of Jean R. France: Janis T. Dowd, Suressa H. Forbes, Dr. Sarah F. Liebschutz, The Honorable Elizabeth Pine, Mary Anna & William Towler.

In honor of Derrick Franklin: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of the Gallery Council: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Jean S. Geisel: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Inge Goldstein: Brenda S. Lederman.

In honor of Dr. Robert H. & Cynthia Goldstein: Sharon Garelick.

In memory of Audrey Gordon: M. Norton Rosner.

In honor of John D. Greene & Carolyn T. Friedlander: Dr. Nathaniel Wisch.

In honor of Anthony M. Gullace: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Mary Clare & Hugh Hamlin: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Charlotte & Dr. H. Raul Herrera: Marlene Hamann-Whitmore.

In honor of Elisa Herrera: Ann Shipper Oates & Dr. Theodore K. Oates II.

In memory of Donald K. Hess: Alan L. Cameros.

In honor of Devon Holcomb & Brad Kuhrtz: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Betty Hollis: Joanna M. Grosodonia.

In honor of Lauren E. Hubbard & Dr. William M. Bowen: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Dr. Marylou Ingram: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Dr. Mary Sue Jack: William W. Jack Jr.

In honor of Drs. Mary Sue Jack & Richard E. Kreipe: William W. Jack Jr.

In honor of Marianne M. Kroon: Marjorie B. Searl.

In memory of Patricia Legge: Patricia S. Beach, Mildred C. & Alfred G. Boylan, Alan L. Cameros, Maureen Condon, Peter W. Cowgill, Linda Wells Davey, Docent Committee of the MAG, Mr. & Mrs. C. Benn Forsyth, Heidi Friederich, Charles W. & Kathryn B. Hallagan, Grant Holcomb, Jack M. & Mary Jo Hultz, Barbara Kircher, Elizabeth J. Nadeau-Legge & Robert S. Legge, Doug H. Lyon, Stacey Lyon, McKenzie Institute, Inc., Virginia N. Skuse, Dr. David J. & Jean C. States, Robert M. Sterrett II, Anne Terry, Sylvia Watkins.

In memory of Meredith Low: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Douglas A. Lowry: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Patricia M. MacDonald: Docent Committee of the MAG, EFP Rotenberg, LLP, Emcor Services, Barbara L. & Donald Flynn, Barbara L. Frank, Lauren Dru Frank, Hepler Broom LLC, Susan E. Hoehler, Kitty & Terry F. Kenyon, Barbara Kircher, Priscilla Lacy, David D. & Virginia D. MacDonald, Marguerite A. MacDonald & Dr. Peter Zeitzoff, Gerard T. Noce, Blair Palmer & Todd Wisner, Eleanor Platt, Jay John & Margaret T. Rachfal, Karen G. Reynolds, Dr. Gerald & Maxine A. Rosen, Carol Golden Rosenberg, Maureen M. Rutecki, Carol R. & Richard J. Schwartz, Virginia N. Skuse, James A. Spitz Sr., Elizabeth M. Teall, Georgiana T. & John W. Thoman, Sylvia Watkins, Ellen & Norbert F. Wrona, Susan Wylie.

In memory of Camille Megna: D. Andreacchi-Roth, Elaine L. Consaul, Grant Holcomb, Charles F. & Diana S. Lewis, Dr. James Louis Megna & Elizabeth Megna, Beverly J. & Earl L. Perks.

In memory of Mrs. William B. Morse: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of John S. Parke: Alan L. Cameros, Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Susan Peachey: Suzanne Meyerowitz.

In memory of Dr. G. Porter Perham: Joan L. Sibley.

In honor of Thomas S. Richards: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Dr. Martin Rosenberg: Docent Committee of the MAG.

In honor of Arnie Rothschild: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Maureen Schaubert: Susan B. Schaubert.

In memory of Robert Scott: Helen K. & Robert C. Jennette.

In honor of Marjorie B. Searl: Carol Acquilano, Jane Bloom, James A. Chudyk, Margaret C. Columbo, Carl S. Finn, Christine Blase Garland, Kenneth J. & Lucy B. Harper, Grant Holcomb, Karl S. Kabelac, Peggy Lahair-Edmunds, Miriam Lebowitz, Dr. Steven Alan Lerman, Jessica J. Marten, Mary E. & Ronald Mathews, Memorial Art Gallery Staff, Miranda D. Offen, Donna Perry, Colleen R. Piccone, Kerry Schauber, Monica Simpson, Barbara K. Stewart, Chiyo Ueyama, Shirley M. Wersinger, Carol Yost.

In memory of Gordon P. Small: Grant Holcomb, Joyce Underberg.

In memory of David D. Somers: Gleason Works Elder Statemen’s Club, Ernest J. & Roberta Ierardi, Eleanor C. Parfitt, Felicie & William Sands.

In memory of Janice E. Stevens & David D. Somers: Dr. Arthur G. & Thea S. Tweet.

In honor of John M. Summers & Sandra A. Parker: Barbara R. Biben.

In memory of Katherine S. Taylor: Suzy Spencer.

In memory of Alan J. Underberg: Janet & Wayne D. Wisbaum.

In honor of Eric I. Zeller: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Richard A. Zuegel: Barbara Zuegel.


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