A Slice of Life

Public forums like the law courts featured a wide spectrum of society acting out small and large life dramas. They made ideal places for artists with an interest in social justice to capture a "slice of life."

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A second lawyer, also dressed in long black robes with white collar, stands at a similar podium at the far left of the painting.
Some of the spectators may be plaintiffs or witnesses waiting their turn to be called.
A young boy and girl, each dressed nicely in coat and hat, are most likely the woman's children.
Dressed all in black, including an elegant feathered hat, this woman is likely a widow appearing in court to finalize the legal aspects of her husband's estate and provide for her children.
Wearing black robes and a white collar, a lawyer stands behind a raised podium covered with papers. His left hand gestures to the woman, possibly guiding her to the chair next to his desk.
Standing at the back of the courtroom, a uniformed soldier keeps an eye on the crowd.
This particular female spectator is wearing a large, fancy hat decorated with red flowers.
A low wall separates the current courtroom drama from a crowd of people.