Animated Arrangement

Several animals crowd into the small central space of this ornamental belt buckle. The animals all represent creatures that the Caucasian people encountered daily, but the arrangement and interactions suggest a mythical or fantastic meaning.

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The grained pattern and large nail studs in the corners give the illusion of this plaque being framed in wood and nailed to a larger support.
A curly-horned goat rests on the horse's back, its tail flipped up over its head.
A horse with greatly exaggerated, possibly tattooed, haunches stands facing right. Its mane and tail feature a braided or coiled pattern.
The horse's thick arched neck supports a tiny head and a flowing mane.
A small dog stands on its hind legs to reach up to the horse's nose.
A large bird, facing forward with relaxed wings, shelters under the body of the horse.