Print Club of Rochester

Great Impressions: The Print Club of Rochester Turns 80

December 22, 2010–March 20, 2011 in the Lockhart Gallery

works by Joan Lyons, Judd Williams and Clare Romano

Founded in the early winter of 1930, the Print Club of Rochester has had an 80-year love affair with the fine art of printmaking. Club members—ranging from practitioners to collectors to enthusiasts—all share an appreciation for the aesthetic characteristics of the medium and its critical ability to produce images in multiples. This anniversary show presents a selection of the original prints commissioned each year by the Club and distributed to its members as a benefit.

Included are works by Gregory Amenoff, Harvey Breverman, Konstantin Chmutin, Jon Goodman, James Dexter Havens, Nona Hershey, Charles Hewitt, Rockwell Kent, Catherine Kernan, Clare Leighton, Dorothy Lathrop, Shiou-Ping Liao, Luigi Lucioni, William Chester Lyman III, Joan Lyons, Robert E. Marx, Thomas W. Nason, Chunwoo Nam, Ronald Netsky, Henry C. Pitz, Ron Pokrasso, Rudy Pozzatti, R. Roger Remington, Paul Resika, Clare Romano, David Row, Thomas Seawell, Lynd Ward, Carol Wax, Charles Wells, Lawrence M. “Judd” Williams and Jerome Witkin,

Sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company

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Pictured, from left: Joan Lyons, Untitled (1981), Lawrence M. “Judd” Williams, Avocado (1971), and Clare Romano, Half-Shuttered Venice (1997) are among the works in the exhibition.