De’VIA: Deaf Visual Art

November 7, 2019 – February 6, 2020

This exhibition celebrates De’Via (Deaf View/Image Art), a movement of Deaf artists who began to explicitly to explore the Deaf experience in their art. The exhibition will feature signature works by leading artists of the movement, among them Chuck Baird, Morris Gayle Broderson, David Call, Susan Dupor, and Betty Miller. It is scheduled to coincide with a conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of De’VIA, which was first used to describe the movement in 1989 by Deaf artist and historian Patricia Durr.

With one of the country’s largest per capita populations of Deaf adults, Rochester—home to the Rochester School for the Deaf and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf—has a flourishing Deaf community whose members maintain strong social and professional networks as they interact effectively with the hearing community. And as Rochester’s art museum, MAG is uniquely positioned to celebrate the role of Deaf artists not just in our community but nationally.

shown: Nancy Rourke, Dandelion, 2011