Hockney at MAG

Please welcome a very special guest to our museum: David Hockney’s 15 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon (1998). This spectacular painting is on loan to MAG from the Art Bridges Foundation, a nonprofit foundation established by arts patron and philanthropist Alice Walton dedicated to providing access to audiences throughout the United States to outstanding works of art.

David Hockney (British, born 1937)
15 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon, 1998
Oil on canvas, 66 1/2 x 65 1/2 in.
Art Bridges

The British artist David Hockney based his gridded painting on a 1986 photo-collage of his view from a ledge on the south rim of the Canyon at Powell Point. By choosing the iconic Grand Canyon as a subject, he invokes the long association between America’s grand landscapes and its citizens’ sense of national pride.

This installation of 15 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon in MAG’s Nancy and Alan Cameros Gallery of 19th-century American Art is the newest addition to the modern and contemporary interventions staged throughout our historical collections. In the coming months, we will invite our visitors to share their feedback on the conversations this painting has started at MAG. What kind of dialogue do you see between the Hockney and the more traditional American landscapes like Albert Bierstadt’s The Sierras Near Lake Tahoe, California (1865), which was painted over a century earlier?