Creative Workshop Color and Design 2012

Color and Design

student work in Creative Workshop Color and Design show

Through May 2 in the Lucy Burne Gallery (Creative Workshop)

This exhibition features work by Charles Bixby, Laura Clay, Langdon Clay, Mary Crowe, Sylvie Culbertson, Peggy DiPaola, Paul Dodd, Leo Dodd, Lona Farhi, Jayne Fox, Linda Friedman, Frances Giraldo, Rose Mary Hooper, Eileen Joy, Larry Keefe, Shirley Kelley, William Keyser, Noel Kurth, Dawn Lockwood, John May, Maureen May, Lucile Millner, Marilyn Monkelbaan, Maureen Outlaw, Bob Ross, Mar Sena, Dorothy Sholes, Rolla Totton, George Weiner and Judy Woodward. All are students at the Gallery’s Creative Workshop.

Admission is free during Workshop hours. Call 585-276-8959 for more information.

Pictured from left: Peggy DiPaola, Flowers. Acrylic on canvas.  Linda Friedman, Variety is the Spice of Life. Stoneware with glaze.  Judy Woodward, Brilliance. Brass,  copper,  crystals and silver on switchplate.  Mar Sena, Flamencas. Stoneware with glaze and paper.