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Our art lovers’ tours are organized and sponsored by the Gallery Council to benefit MAG and open to all interested travelers:

A Frank Lloyd Wright Experience in Buffalo, New York

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Darwin Martin House

Join the Gallery Council’s Art Tours Committee for a day in Buffalo celebrating the genius that is Frank Lloyd Wright. Our tour highlights will be:

  • The Pierce Arrow Museum, complete with the 1927 FLW Filling Station and an amazing collection of amazing vintage automobiles, not to mention a huge sampling of historic artifacts and photos
  • Tour of the FLW Boathouse – one of Wright’s personal favorites, featuring large vertical piers supporting horizontal planes
  • The FLW Darwin Martin House, built in 1905 and considered a masterpiece of 20th century architecture… a stunning example of Wright’s integration of architecture with nature
  • Lunch …the Buffalo Yacht Club on Lake Erie

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Tour leaders: Carol Morse or call 585-671-3828 or Linda Sullivan or call 585-613-8715

Church in the Morning and Sex with Strangers in the Afternoon

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Come smile, laugh and experience a thoroughly enjoyable day with the Art Tours Committee. We are extending an invitation to our entire MAG membership, their friends, and family members to partici-pate in a unique day tour. The tour’s vicinity is Rochester’s Washington Square and will include the following:

  • A visit to Saint Mary’s Church of Rochester, where we will be introduced to a myriad of stained glass windows, some by Tiffany himself
  • A visit to the First Universalist Church, where we will view no less than 20 stained glass windows, several by Tiffany, see beautiful “tapestries”, learn about the history of the church and enjoy a short organ recital to end our visit
  • A viewing of the memorial of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War soldiers in Washington Square with an historical presentation about Lincoln by none other than Grant Holcomb, our past Director of the MAG
    A viewing of Albert Paley’s “Genesee Passage”, 1995, if time and weather permit
  • Lunch in the newly renovated Geva Theatre’s Lipson Lounge
  • A tour of Geva’s stunning restorations, including the wardrobe/costume room and practice hall
    Geva, Fielding auditorium: “Sex with Strangers” A raging snowstorm, a secluded cabin and two strangers (both writers) with undeniable chemistry; watch this funny yet sensual drama unfold proving you can’t tell a book by its author.
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    Tour Leader: Questions? Contact Linda Cassata 585-737-7488

    For more information on this and other upcoming trips, or to be added to our priority email list, email the Gallery Council Office or call 585.276.8910.