Carol Kase


Creative Workshop Faculty

Carol Kase
Children’s Art

Carol Kase

Carol Kase has taught at the Creative Workshop since 2008. She enjoys taking her students to the Gallery frequently to spark their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Carol has been a member of the Gallery Council since 2004, where she is chair of the Travel Committee, which plans exciting art tours/trips. This is a perfect combination of her interest in art and travel.

She tells us “the best part about teaching at the MAG is the students—their curiosity, enthusiasm and excitement at discovering new ways to create and gain confidence in their artistic abilities.” A favorite memory is from a summer class she taught to four- to six-year-olds. After exploring MAG’s outdoor penguin sculpture and large bird sculptures from a special exhibit, students created their own “magical birds” sculptures. Carol temporarily displayed the birds outdoors around the penguin sculpture, and invited the parents to find their children’s birds. The children and parents had a wonderful time sharing this art experience.

Artist photo by Rachael Baldanza.