Samantha Clay Reagan


painting by Samantha Clay Reagan

Creative Workshop Faculty

Samantha Clay Reagan

Morning Registrar, Children’s Art, Drawing

Over the past year, Samantha Clay Reagan has become part of the Creative Workshop team as an artist, a teacher and a registrar. She recently graduated with her BA in art education from Nazareth College and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in art history.

The Creative Workshop and the Memorial Art Gallery have long played a large role in Sam’s life. In fact, she can trace her first experiences with the Workshop back to when she was a little girl commuting to Rochester on Saturday afternoons to take drawing and computer art classes. She also recalls touring the Gallery as a child, led by her very own personal favorite art historian and museum guide, her grandfather Langdon Clay. Among other things, Lang is warmly remembered by the MAG community as the director of education for 33 years and was recently recognized for his lifetime of prolific service to the arts and history.

In addition to her time spent at the Creative Workshop, Sam hopes to pursue her MA in art history and is currently attending art history classes at the University of Rochester.