Romy Hosford


Creative Workshop Faculty

Romy Hosford
Children’s Art, Ceramics, office help

Work by Romy Hosford

Creating ceramic objects, photographs, artists’ books, and sculpture—Romy Hosford draws inspiration from all aspects of art, life, and culture. While teaching, she loves taking students into the Gallery for inspiration and discussion.

Romy earned a BFA and MS in art education from Syracuse University, with an emphasis in ceramics and fiber arts. After college, she taught in the Fairfax County (VA) schools and was named the 2007 Virginia Art Education Association’s Northern Region Middle Level Teacher of the Year. She is currently finishing up a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Studies at Visual Studies Workshop in conjunction with The College at Brockport.

Romy’s own artwork has been shown in galleries in the VA/MD/DC area, at the University of Alabama, and locally at RIT, Visual Studies Workshop, and The College at Brockport.

See her work

Pictured: Romy Hosford, detail from Memorialis Sanctorum (2009). Mixed media, ceramic “Polaroid”, decal, gold leaf.

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