Kasim (Simmi) Wallace

Children’s Art teacher, Art Day School teacher and assistant, Puppetry teacher

Simmi is in pursuit of an degree in art education as he applies his love for working with youth and drawing to his courses at Monroe Community College. As a garden enthusiast, Simmi hopes to find ways to incorporate agriculture and social justice into his art work. He enjoys any opportunity he has to work with kids and is thrilled to work with the Creative Workshop’s Art Day Camp as a teacher and assistant. 

Simmi has worked extensively with youth programs such as Camp Daydreams, Seedfolk, and Roc Paint Division. In these non-profit organizations Simmi serves as a collaborative team member, mentor, and creative problem solver. Puppetry has become his most recent medium in art. He’s found puppets to be a positive relation between interactive and art history for many children and adults. Simmi was homeschooled and believes interaction and enjoyment to be essential to learning. learn more