MAG in Motion: Summer 2013

MAG in Motion: 2nd Floor Openings & Closings

Medieval Gallery Reopens

medieval French caisse of enamel and copperThe Medieval Gallery on the Gallery’s second floor is now open following this spring’s renovation.

Please take a little time to visit former favorites, see works conserved and brought out from storage (think VAULT), and see our new acquisitions of stained glass and a miniature altarpiece. New casework with fiber optic lighting illuminates small and treasured works that either couldn’t be out, or were out but seemingly invisible.

The two-month renovation also included removal of fabric wall covering, drywall installation, painting and floor refinishing.

Pictured: 13th-century French Châsse with Scenes from the Life of St. Stephen.

Second Floor Closings

With the reopening of the Medieval Gallery, work moved on to other areas adjacent to the 2nd floor Fountain Court. The 17th- and 18th-c. European Galleries recently reopened following floor refinishing.