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Framing Edo: Masterworks from Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views

Memorial Art Gallery
Friday, September 21, 2012
All Day

This exhibition showcases more than 30 iconic prints by 19th-century Japanese master Ando (Utagawa) Hiroshige. These stunningly beautiful works from Hiroshige's masterpiece One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (ca. 1856-58) are drawn from the extensive collection of Professor Arthur R. Miller, UR '56, '08 (LLD). They depict the artist’s nostalgic response to the rapid changes to mid-century Edo, now Tokyo, after Japan opened to the West during the mid-1800s.

It is presented in honor of the members of the University of Rochester's George Eastman Circle.

Pictured: Ando Hiroshige, Suido Bridge and Surugadai. Arthur R. Miller collection.