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Biennial Artist Lecture: David Higgins

Memorial Art Gallery
Thursday, July 12, 2012
11:00 AM

David M. Higgins gives the fifth of six lectures by artists featured in the 5th Rochester Biennial. His lecture is included in Gallery admission.

To Higgins, the houses in his paintings are "accretions of debris" and "cells in a larger organism." Writes the artist, "As the older neighborhoods of our towns and cities slip further into decrepitude, the houses get more eloquent. The roofs sag, the railings rot and garbage accumulates in the alcoves.... I am a connoisseur of their silent stories." Higgins is an associate professor of art at Corning Community College and director of CCC's Atrium Gallery.

This series is underwritten by the Sandra G. Dreyfuss Education Endowment Fund.

Pictured: Sly Street House (2010).