Tribute Fund July 1–December 31, 2011

Tribute Fund

July 1–December 31, 2011

“Got friends with birthdays who already have everything? Give ’em a piece of the Gallery.…” So began the announcement of MAG’s new Tribute Fund in the September 1975 Gallery Notes. More than three decades later, the idea is an unqualified success. In the last decade alone, gifts to the fund have totaled more than $180,000. And donors do indeed give “a piece of the Gallery.” Undesignated gifts are used for art acquisitions.

To honor or remember a special friend, send your contribution to: Memorial Art Gallery Tribute Fund, 
500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607-1484. Please include your name and address along with the name 
and address of the person being honored so that we may send 
an acknowledgment. You may also make your gift online. Questions? Call 585.276.8939.

Tribute Fund Gifts July 1–December 31, 2011

In honor of T’Mahry Axelrod: Sidney A. & Carol Jean Aroesty.

In honor of Anthony Bannon: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Betty W. Bayer and Harold C. Bayer: Margaret Joynt.

In honor of Gertrude T. Beyer: Mary Ann Monley & William D. Rice.

In memory of Nora Bredes: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Theresa D. Bronte: Docents of the MAG.

In honor of Langdon F. Clay: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Teddy Corcoran: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Harry Cornell: Frank S. Grosso.

In honor of Edythe B. Shedden Cowgill: Grant Holcomb, Joyce Underberg & Stanley Rodwin.

In honor of Anne V. & Vincent DeClue: Daniel V. & Rosemary M. DeClue, Jeffrey E. DeClue & Marta DeSantis.

In memory of Kitsa D. Fields: Lisa & John C. Fields, Marian & Thomas D. Wolf.

In honor of Sarah Forsyth: Barbara H. Forsyth.

In honor of the Gallery Council: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Carole L. Gordon: Linda Murray Lakeman.

In memory of Susan H. Green: Grant Holcomb, Alan L. Cameros.

In honor of John D. & Gwen M. Greene: Mitchell Laurence Klein.

In memory of Ruth K. Hamburger: John W. Hamburger, Michael W. Hamburger, Thomas K. & Ellen K. Hamburger.

In memory of Elizabeth Blase Hazelwood: Grant Holcomb, Rebecca Kraai.

In honor of Charlotte Herrera: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Robert W. Heyer: Docents of the MAG, Gwyneth D. Hunting.

In honor of Grant Holcomb: Miranda D. Offen.

In honor of Jean Ingham: Beverly Palladino.

In memory of Irving L. Kessler: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Arnold Klinsky: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Alyson R. Kluth: Docents of the MAG.

In memory of Ruth Lempert: Esther & Manuel Cohen, Richard R. Perry, Natalie Potter, Joyce & Hillard P. Tavrow.

In memory of Norman S. Levy: Susan S. & Daniel A. Dimpfl, Alice Salzberg.

In honor of Marcia J. Lowry: Grant Holcomb, Lisa Ann Sieschab.

In memory of Basil Megna: Camille & Joseph Megna.

In honor of Peter Menihan & Tom Menihan: John C. & Maureen Menihan.

In honor of Joan B. & William L. Morgan: Nancy S. Morgan & Mark Broadie.

In memory of Jeanne Parker: Rochester Art Club.

In honor of Lillian S. Price: Thomas W. & Germaine G. Knapp.

In memory of Trudy Reizman: Sarah F. Liebschutz.

In honor of William A. Root & Bruce Crane: Heidi Friederich.

In memory of Patricia Ann Scopa: Dolores A. Wallace.

In honor of Joel Seligman: Lamar Riley Murphy & William M. Murphy.

In memory of Richard H. Skuse: Patricia S. & John I. Cadwallader, Jennifer Skuse Keyloun & Mark Keyloun, Richard Neel & Nancy B. Skuse, Robert T. & Roxanne Skuse.

In honor of Judith Stewart Gohringer: Andrew R. Stewart.

In memory of Mary Lou Stotz: Alan L. Cameros, Grant Holcomb, Lester Eber.

In memory of Evelyn Tescione: Michael R. & Joanna M. Grosodonia.

In memory of Alan J. Underberg: Wayne D. Wisbaum.

In honor of Joyce Underberg: Marilyn E. & Irwin N. Frank, Esther Germanow, Marilyn W. Kayser & Seymour Ira Schwartz.

In memory of Laura Wells: Pamela T. Foye.

In memory of  Stanley H. Whitmeyer: Rochester Art Club.

In memory of Julianna Furlong Williams: Grant Holcomb, Peter Pappas & Nancy Cole Kelly.

In memory of Alice Zissler: Lucille D. Happ, Beatrice A. Hultman, Kathleen H. Salerno.

In memory of Richard A. Zuegel: Barbara Zuegel.