Tribute Fund January 1-June 30, 2012

Tribute Fund

January 1–June 30, 2012

“Got friends with birthdays who already have everything? Give ’em a piece of the Gallery.…” So began the announcement of MAG’s new Tribute Fund in the September 1975 Gallery Notes. Nearly 40 later, the idea is an unqualified success. In the last decade alone, gifts to the fund have totaled more than $180,000. And donors do indeed give “a piece of the Gallery.” Undesignated gifts are used for art acquisitions.

To honor or remember a special friend, send your contribution to: Memorial Art Gallery Tribute Fund, 
500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607-1484. Please include your name and address along with the name 
and address of the person being honored so that we may send 
an acknowledgment. You may also make your gift online. Questions? Call 585.276.8939.

In memory of Sylvia Bakst: Deanne Molinari.

In honor of Maureen Basil: Heidi Friederich, William D. Rice & Mary Ann Monley.

In memory of James Bennett: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Nancy S. Brown: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Richard F. Brush: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Dorothea A. Burkett: Beverly & James Breen Sr.

In memory of Dorothy G. Centner: William A. Centner, Caroline Centner Conlon.

In memory of Herbert Cigelnik: Irene Stumberger.

In memory of Victor F. Corcoran: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Hobart Cowles: Dr. Barbara Agor.

In memory of Ernest John Del Monte Sr.: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Carolyn T. Friedlander: Deborah Haen.

In honor of Andrew R. Gallina: Daniel M. Meyers.

In memory of Dr. Reuben Garner: Aaron David & Lillian G. Braveman.

In honor of Esther Germanow: Emille & Frank W. Allen, Mr. & Mrs. George M. Angle, Burton S. & Joan W. August, T’Mahry Axelrod, Joseph T. & Mary E. Carney, Mary G. Crowe, Barbara L. Frank, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Friedlander, Burton Gordon, Dr. & Mrs. H. Raul Herrera, Grant Holcomb, Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hursh, Herb Katz, Mrs. Marilyn W. Kayser, Mrs. William B. Lee, Mrs. Melvin B. Neisner, Frances C. & John H. Rae Jr., William D. Rice & Mary Ann Monley, Hon. & Mrs. Richard D. Rosenbloom, Rosalind M. Rudolph, Peggy Weisberg Savlov, Elaine & Leonard S. Simon, Virginia N. Skuse, Joyce Underberg, Dr. Alvin L. & Frumel Ureles, Susan R. van der Stricht, Irene R. & William Westerfeld, Roberta Wilson, Mary Alice Wolf, Gladys M. & Jack Wolsky.

In honor of Georgia P. Gosnell: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Mr. John D. Greene: David Barker, Edna & Michael Beaudette, Mary Close & Philip V. Oppenheimer, Spencer Davidson, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Friedlander, Dr. & Mrs. H. Raul Herrera, Grant Holcomb, Elizabeth S. Hill, Mitchell I. Klein, Jean-Pierre Linder, Frances L. Marx, Deborah Meltzer, Joan Osofsky, Eric J. Wallach, Nathaniel & Helen Wisch.

In honor of Damien Matthew Hallatt: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Lisa H. Hoffman: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Grant Holcomb: Daniel M. Meyers.

In memory of Jerome L. Huff: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Robert J. Joynt MD: Grant Holcomb, Mrs. Huston Hunting.

In memory of Joan S. Kalkman: Heidi Friederich.

In memory of Robert E. Keim: Rochester Art Club.

In honor of Anne Konar: Jeremy Konar.

In memory of Virginia G. Lehman: Connie M. Brown, Docents of the MAG, Charles B. & Mona J. Durgin, Heidi Friederich, Elizabeth Ann & Robert S. Getz, Virginia M. Hartley, Jean C. Ligozio, Margaret Nolan, Jean R. Owerbach, Caroline S. Schultz, Joanne Spencer, Judy Stiles, Judith C. Streno.

In honor of Theresa B. Mazzullo: Grant Holcomb.

In honor of Mary Ann Monley: George & Maureen Basil, John W. & Mary G. Crowe, Docents of the MAG, Mrs. Huston Hunting.

In memory of Shirley Moore: James C. Moore.

In honor of Elizabeth M. O’Brien: Gary P. & Judith W. Shaw.

In honor of Dr. Bernard J. Oseroff: Heidi Friederich: William D. Rice & Mary Ann Monley.

In memory of Frederick H. Pough: F. Harvey Pough.

In honor of A.C. Smith Jr.: Gretchen S. Dewan.

In memory of Catherine Hargrave Sykes: Grant Holcomb.

In memory of Harriet B. Thayer: Heidi Friederich, Grant Holcomb, Deanne Molinari, David & Sue Ann Reh, Rochester Art Club.

In memory of Burt Towne: Helen K. & Robert C. Jennette, Marjorie K. Lefler.

In memory of Angel L. Vazquez: Jeffrey J. Halsdorfer, Daria I. Hanushevsky, Jennifer A. Hoskins, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School, Park Central, LLC, Hector F. Rios, Dr. Miriam Vazquez & Hugo DeJesus, Wake County Human Service, YMCA Pickleball.

In memory of William Blake Webber: Alan L. Cameros, Grant Holcomb, Mrs. Richard L. Turner.