October 2011: Extreme Materials 2 Arrives!

October 2011: Extreme Materials 2 Arrives!

Jennifer Angus and Danielle Julian Norton installing their workOn October 7, artist Jennifer Angus and an assistant (above left) were hard at work installing a room-sized work composed of preserved insects. The work, titled Creature Comforts, is one of several installed by artists ahead of the October 23 opening of Extreme Materials 2; it’s now open to the public in MAG’s Lockhart Gallery.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Danielle Julian Norton and assistants (above center) were busy building Clear, a “tunnel” made of 13,000 bars of Neutrogena soap which visitors to the show will be able to enter. The work was unveiled at the exhibition party on October 22. Above right, Gretchen Cannan of 10NBC interviews Julian Norton for Roc City Tonight. Watch the interview

A third artist, Nick Kozak (photo at right, in center), was at MAG Nick Kozak and assistants installing EcosystemOctober 15 and 16 to install Ecosystem. See it for yourself, in the Forman Gallery. (Who knew that plastic soup spoons could be so lyrical?)

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